Dominican Republic Holidays – Find the Best Dominican Hotels at the Lowest Price

I recently made our own booking Holidays in the Dominican Republic, For 6 families and as I explored prices online with the original UK travel agents I was amazed at how different their prices would be – even looking at the same hotel! We saved a total of about ড 2000. Read on, and I hope that can help you do the same!

Start with the printed brochure

I always book my holidays online, you can’t flip through the brochure pages of tour operators to get a short list of your favorite areas and hotels and find the initial booking discounts available to everyone (although in reality you can expect more by booking online To save).

I think brochures are invaluable in helping us make decisions Panta Kana Hotel, And it was much easier to test the benefits of private hotels in this way than to see the details of each hotel online.

For the Dominican Republic we provided brochures by Thomas Cook, First Direct, Cosmos, Airtures and Thomson.

Hint – at this stage, don’t fire any tour operators based on price alone!

Going online to check availability and price

I hope Thomas Cook or First Choice will give us the best price. Especially for the first choice, the price of the brochure title looks amazing. So it was really surprising to find that other companies came out significantly cheaper when I continued the booking process by adding all the supplements and extras.

Other ways we keep prices low

Check child prices compared to adult prices – We noticed this irregularity a few weeks before it appeared on television. Some online discounts only relate to adult pricing, and when professional supplements are applied (regardless of the level of acquisition such as children) you will see that children are charged at a higher rate than adults. For example, when we set up a room for 2 adults and 1 child, it becomes significantly cheaper than setting the price for 1 adult and 2 children. In this situation it may be that the first child receives a larger discount and the second child is more expensive than the adult.

I do not believe it is a deliberate attempt to discriminate against the family of a tour operator, but only a

Accidental consequences of many holiday complex price structures. So we ‘promoted’ one of our 11-year-olds.

Divide the booking into two parts – Since we need two rooms, we have saved more money by dividing the booking into two parts.

This was because there was a reduction in bookings when we made reservations. Of course, we had to give up any chance of the rooms being attached, but we were happy to do it for the extra discount.

Who did the cheapest work for our Dominican Republic holiday?

We were heading to the SuperClub Bridges Hotel in Panta Cana in late July, and both Thomson and Airtars offered us very good prices, and by choosing one of these we saved about 2000 2000.

It is also noteworthy that Thomson has now announced that they are not charging for any of their package holiday fuel supplies.

However, the cheapest tour operator for you will depend on your destination and the date of the trip. We think you’ll do best with Thomson or Airters for the Ponta Cana Hotel in the Dominican Republic, but we recommend that you check prices with all major tour operators when making bookings to make sure you can benefit from any current offers and discounts.

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