How to choose the best online hotel booking portal in India

India is the fastest growing online travel market in the world. The country’s online travel market has seen incredible growth and has attracted a lot of domestic-foreign companies to invest in this industry in India. This expansion is still very fast as the number of Internet users continues to grow. Internet access has now reached remote areas of the country due to the extensive coverage of telecommunication companies and people are taking it very seriously. In this article I will focus on some of the big players in the online hotel booking industry that offer a variety of services including online flight booking.

Founded in 2000, MakeMyTrip is India’s most popular online travel portal The company has launched a business in the Indo-US travel market. The company chased this achievement by starting its Indian business in 2003. Today it is not just an online hotel booking website, but a single window that caters to all the needs of travelers.

Since its inception, the company has served as an absolute travel planner for tourists around the world; Today it is the destination all travelers need. The company provides online hotel booking service through customer friendly portal which is very easy to use and rich in features. The company’s goal is to provide the industry with the lowest tariffs on a real-time basis. Today it is the largest integrator of flight, hotel and car rental. The company provides hotel booking services to more than 2500 hotels in India and more than 250 destinations around the world.

It is another online hotel booking portal in India that provides a complete range for visitors to travel. The company also offers online hotel bookings on, India’s largest e-commerce website created by IRCTC for online train reservations. It is the easiest online travel portal on the web as it is represented by a very powerful search engine for all travel needs. The company also offers last minute travel deals at very reasonable prices.


This website deals with one of the top online travel agencies in India, especially online hotel bookings. Here you will find lots of reviews of thousands of hotels written by real people where they are located. This feature makes it a more reliable source of information about the hotel before booking. The hotel ratings on this website also look very promising making it one of the best choices for hotel bookings. You will be helped by many travel related articles to make you better aware of the place you are visiting.

These are some of the top online booking portals in India. These companies provide reliable, secure and secure services at the lowest available prices in the industry but you will find a lot of variety due to their availability. It is best to compare rates from at least three of these websites before making a final decision.

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