Hoteliers stop thinking about lead times and booking for customer buying behavior

The rules of online hotel marketing have been changing over the years, making no sense in the hospitality industry. Tools like OTA, Metasark site, destination site and last minute booking apps / mobile applications are so plentiful that on average more than a dozen sites are used by travelers before booking online. Travelers often avoid looking for mobile phones, laptops, iPads, etc. and switching to save for travel. Hotel revenue management tools These challenges have largely diminished.

With increased access to online / mobile travel tools, Traveler’s purchasing activities provide both a challenge and an opportunity for hoteliers. All of the above platforms provide real-time data with more minute details about the customer’s online travel. So, every hotel justifies all the reasons why it should start tracking prices in the mobile app.

Increased use of smartphones, all-time deal hungry customers, last minute booking apps on mobile and fine-free reservations have made competition in the hotel industry even tougher. This is one of the reasons why travelers are now booking hotels closer to their check-in date. According to most experts and recent data, the booking lead time has shrunk dramatically.

If your hotel is constantly dropping prices on these last minute bookings, you are carrying your earnings exclusively from the kitty, especially when booking at OTAs you are losing even more with high third party commissions.

But there are ways to deal with this new trend in the rapidly shrinking booking window:

Stop worrying, use it to your best advantage

Instead of worrying about a narrow booking window, hoteliers should focus on how to make it to their best advantage. Tactically learn how to quickly transform your best prospects by promoting dynamic reservation recovery.

Research has shown that millions of passengers with long booking windows are often overlooked by hotelware in the very possibility of converting their customers.

Pay close attention to prospects who have already visited your website and searched inventory on dates that match your low business time.

This can prove to be a great opportunity to reconnect with lost prospects, convert them into bookings and improve the days that are suffering in a very short booking window! Book more directly and save money on commissions.

Know the occupation forecast

An efficient earnings management tool can easily provide you with forecasts for each check to date. Equipped with this, you can easily identify those days / weeks that have low ADR and occupancy and define your pricing strategy accordingly.

The website captures the visitor’s email addresses to re-target

Once an online prospect searches a cell for their chosen date, they need to input their email address in the booking process. That way, you now have contact information if they leave the booking midway, they will need to be restarted.

Send customized offers

After canceling any potential bookings, follow up with them with a personalized greeting with a specific offer email that thanks them for considering your property and provides a time-limited incentive to book your hotel directly. Of course, these offers reduce your net room revenue, less than the commissions you pay on OTA or other sources of last-minute bookings.

Give rewards to those who have visited Have almost finished any bookings in their interest or target to book with you; You can close more bookings as soon as possible. Therefore the short-booking window is less reassuring.

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